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About Us

Modified Corvettes, LLC strives to provide the highest quality parts and accessories available in the after-market industry. The company originated from the owners’ initial experience as a first time purchaser of a base model, 1998, C5 coupe in January of 2003. Although realizing that he had achieved one of his life’s goals, he also realized that General Motors produced thousands of Corvettes annually. After noticing that, other than color, a large portion of Corvettes produced yearly looked and performed essentially identically to one another. Although happy to finally own a Corvette, he did not want his to look and perform like other Corvette owners. Inspired by this realization, it eventually lead him to what started as a hobby (modifying his and a few friends’ corvettes), to realizing that other Corvette owners could benefit from the skill and knowledge that he had developed. This skill and knowledge of customizing Corvettes on a low budget, over the last 9 years, in addition to developing a strong passion for the sport of Corvette ownership, drove him to finally form “Modified Corvettes, LLC” in the spring of 2010.

Modified Corvettes, LLC is dedicated to providing Corvette owners’ a company whose sole mission is to help them achieve their vision of a highly modified Corvette without breaking the bank. Our company helps customers actually create their own version of the ultimate Corvette. We aspire to provide excellent customer service, coupled with knowledgeable consultation to ensure that customers’ purchase the highest quality after-market parts and accessories available in the industry. Modified Corvettes, LLC meticulously assist in the planning process which includes input from the customer aided by our unique ability to visualize modifications while minimizing the cost. This approach to individualization allows the customers dreams of owning a modified corvette to come true. Modified Corvettes, LLC has established relationships with manufacturers and venders of the highest standards in after-market parts and accessories. These high standards allow us to provide a unique perspective on Corvette modifications. For those Corvette owners who are looking to stand out in a crowd, Modified Corvettes, LLC is the perfect internet based destination for all of your industry leading Corvette after-market parts and accessories. Finally, we stand behind all products purchased and sold through our web-site, over the phone and in person 100%. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.


Modified Corvettes, LLC
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