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05-13 ZR1 Clutch Conversion Steel Flywheel
Item #: mcc631527

05-13 ZR1 Clutch Conversion Steel Flywheel

Modified Corvettes new C6 Corvette billet steel flywheel allows 2005-2013 LS2, LS3 and LS7 equipped Corvette owners to use the factory twin-disk ZR1 Corvette clutch assembly. The factory ZR1 Corvette clutch assembly is capable of handling 700+ horsepower while it's "tame" enough to deliver the same drivability as a base model 6-speed Corvette.

Modified Corvettes conversion flywheel is a direct bolt in replacement designed exclusively for the ZR1 clutch. Manufactured from billet steel, by the OEM supplier of the original ZR1 flywheel. Tested in excess of 12,000 RPM to its integrity. Billet steel flywheels are best suited for street driven Corvettes. The additional rotating mass aids street drivability.

Designed to fit all 2005-2013 LS2, LS3 and LS7 Corvettes. Will not fit 2009-2013 LS9 Corvette due to the change in mount bolt pattern.