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Adam's Polishes - Detail Spray : 5-Gallons
Item #: mcc631533

Adam's Polishes - Detail Spray : 5-Gallons

Currently out of stock or discontinued: please contact a Modified Corvettes, LLC sales representative for inquiries.
Adam's Detail Spray can be used on paint, glass, chrome, wheels, grills, and trim to safely clean and shine with just a mist and wipe. When you're short on time to wash your car, Adam's Detail Spray is the answer. That's because Adam's detail spray is an excellent spray and wipe waterless wash solution. Most cars can be completely and safely cleaned in about ten minutes with less than four ounces of Adam's detail spray. Your Corvette will look like it was just washed and waxed.

Adam's detail spray is also an excellent solution for removing bird and bug crud from your Corvette's front bumper. Just mist and wipe, and your front end will once again be bug free. For serious bug and road debris combine Adam's detail spray with Adam's clay bar. The exclusive paint protect formula makes Adam's detail spray a safe and effective lubricant for Adam's detail clay. The powerhouse combo cleans and smooths your Corvette's paint like no other paint cleaner can.

For a better car wash and dry experience, after washing and final rinse, mist Adam's detail spray over your Corvette and dry it with a jumbo microfiber drying towel. Here, Adam's detail spray acts as a drying agent with a kick. The kick is how fast your car dries and the just waxed shine that returns.

You can also use Adam's detail spray under the hood to dust and clean all top-side surfaces. Use it to wipe down door jambs and trunk sills, too. You can even use Adam's detail spray on the interior of your Corvette as a dusting agent to wipe down your dash, console, door panels and seats. Just mist your microfiber towel and wipe! It's so easy, never streaks, and it smells great!

Adam's detail spay comes in a 16 ounce spray bottle and a 1-gallon refill. For the ultimate experience, use Adam's detail spray with a super plush microfiber polishing towel.