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GTECH/Pro SS (Super Street) FANATIC Precision Series

GTECH/Pro SS (Super Street) FANATIC Precision Series
G-TECH is the easiest, most effective way to measure the performance of your car before and after modifications. It's a dedicated-hardware device specificaly designed for vehicle-dynamics testing. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that comes close to the same "bang for buck" when you want to know the truth about your car. Sure, you can go to the dyno or to the track. But not whenever you want to. Not to mention, everytime you go, you pay.

With this new High-Frequency GPS Technology the accuracy and the consistency is so superb that we encourage you to compare the results to your favorite track or dyno. If you are not blown away by how great it is, just send it back, no questions asked.

During normal driving you can display current speed, G-force or horsepower. The arrow shows the direction of G-forces. Yes, G-TECH is a super-accurate GPS speedo with fast update rate for your boat as well.

Major results like 0-60mph, 1/8 & 1/4mile ETs, horsepower, braking distance etc. are automatically displayed in big easy-to-read numbers.

You can display a graph for any of the measurements like this horsepower and torque vs rpm. It sure beats going to the dyno every time! And it's super-accurate!

Display of speed vs time will give you 0-60mph time or increasingly popular 0-100-0mph time. You can even get passing times like 40-60mph, for example.