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German Durafoam 2-Sided Pads & Adapter
Item #: mcc631431

German Durafoam 2-Sided Pads & Adapter

Possibly the biggest advance in Adam''s history, our new exclusive German Durafoam 2-sided pad and PC adapter program simplifies machine polishing more than ever! Our new Green and Orange pad can remove severe swirls and moderate swirls better than ever.

Use the Green Pad with our Swirl & Haze Remover at setting 4 (4K Orbits per mintue) on seriously swirled and oxidized finishes. Flip the pad, then follow with our incredible Revive Polish and Orange Pad to eliminate moderate swirls and imperfections.

Finish with the White Pad, once again with the Revive Polish. Remove the residue, then apply a thin coat of Buttery Wax with the Black Pad.

Our new quick-release pad program keeps the pad perfectly centered, and you never need to worry about the velcro problems again. Save $9 with this kit, and eliminate swirls like never before! You will want to keep your old pads and backing plate to give away this holiday season!

Enjoy swirl-free life!