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Contoured Tire Dressing Applicator
Item #: mcc631435

Contoured Tire Dressing Applicator

DURAFOAM DuoFoam- pads are constructed with 2 different foam densities and contoured to your tire for superior even spreading and minimal product waste.

DURAFOAM DuoFoam- has rigid tough durafoam perfect for easy griping which keeps your hands clean. The black inside foam is a contoured applicator designed and contoured to spread the dressing perfectly onto tire''s and sidewalls. The easy-grip ergonomic shape makes holding his premium applicator a pleasure while the close pored durafoam makes this applicator awesome. The premium ergonomic design also protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime, dirt, and all other crap! Yup we said it crap! And it felt good.

The Tire & Trim Applicator thankfully takes the mess out of the dress. Sturdy, durable foam is securely housed in a palm-sized, rectangular handle with finger grooves to eliminate slippage. This particular grade of foam was selected for smooth, even application without dripping. The design of the applicator makes it easy to control and target specific areas. Achieving good-looking tires have never been easier or cleaner. This applicator also is terrific for attending to your trim.