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BG 75w/90 Ultra Guard Synthetic Gear Oil - 32oz
Item #: mcc630714

BG 75w/90 Ultra Guard Synthetic Gear Oil - 32oz

BG Ultra Guard is the first "true" multi-purpose gear oil available in the automotive market. It is a synthetic (polyalphaolefin) gear oil blended to SAE 75W-90 viscosity and can be used in all car and truck axle applications calling for a GL-5 gear oil. It can also be used in all truck standard transmissions and automotive manual transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases calling for GL-4 gear oil, engine oil or ATF, as long as viscometric requirements are satisfied. BG Ultra Guard provides thermal stability, optimum drive line efficiency, quieter operation, protection against wear, pitting and corrosion, seal compatibility and improved seal performance, improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance, long drain life, extended component life, application versatility. BG Ultra Guard is covered by the BG Best Guarantee Program. NOT FOR USE IN C5/C6 manual or automatic transmissions.