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92-19 Motive Power Brake Bleeder
Item #: mcc6bd1030

92-19 Motive Power Brake Bleeder

Bleed your Corvette's brakes like the pros with Motive's POWER BLEEDER hydraulic brake bleeder system. Designed for late-model GM cars and trucks with twist on master cylinder cap - perfect for all 1992-2019 Corvettes.

POWER BLEEDER's simple one-person operation provides a safe and effective way to flush and bleed your Corvette's brakes. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, absorbing water from the atmosphere, which lowers its boiling point and causing corrosion. In addition, particulate contamination--microscopic particles of rust and rubber--can increase wear of moving brake components. Older Corvettes can be especially affected by the continual use of "old dirty" brake fluid.

Motive's POWER BLEEDER is easy to pressurize, 2-quart capacity tank includes a pressure gauge to eliminate the potential of over-pressurization. Also the typical method of brake pedal pumping can actually damage your master cylinder as the movement of pedal past the piston's normal travel can be rip internal seals on areas of that bore that are rusted due to contaminated brake fluid. Decreasing master cylinder life.

The POWER BLEED includes everything need to properly flush and bleed your Corvette's brakes. Kit includes patent pending pressure/reservoir tank with gauge, plastic/rubber master cylinder adapter and mounting hardware, clear flexible tubing, plus instructions and a full 1-year warranty.