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 09-13 ZR1 Speed Lingerie Nose Mask w/Front License Pocket
 09-13 ZR1 Speed Lingerie Nose Mask w/Front License Pocket
Item #: mcc630484

09-13 ZR1 Speed Lingerie Nose Mask w/Front License Pocket

Currently out of stock or discontinued: please contact a Modified Corvettes, LLC sales representative for inquiries.
Each SpeedLingerie nose mask is hand-crafted to exacting standards and manufactured of the highest quality color-matched materials. This design utilizes many unique aspects including triple-layer construction with a moisture wicking internal layer, durable and smooth seams which feature a double stitch, and a cleverly engineered pattern designs, light shields, and nonmetallic fastener systems. All Speed Lingerie products are custom designed, providing the look and fit that you expect for your C6 ZR1 Corvette.

Tri-Layer Fabric System: The outermost layer is the first line of defense against rocks, gravel and road debris. It consists of the highest quality marine grade vinyl, featuring UV protection for colorfastness, is rot resistant to prevent molding, cracking or splitting, and most importantly—it breathes. The middle layer wicks moisture away from the paint surface, and disperses it through the outer breathable layer. This protects the paint finish by preventing the entrapment of superheated moisture. The innermost layer pampers paint surfaces with a cotton chamois felt that is a full 2 ounces of cushion between your paint and the road. What makes this layer most unique is that as an independent layer, we can cover all the interior seams. It is not just a flocked backing.

Patterns & Designs featuring true craftsmanship & quality materials: Body conscious designs that flow with the lines of your C6 Corvette and compliment body curves. Every nose mask design has been specifically patterned for your specific Corvette model, and tested to provide serious performance with a beautifully tailored fit. A tailored fit guarantees incomparable performance that will not flap, shift or rub. Speed rated to 150mph. Outer wear that can handle road conditions found on the longest tour or the fastest tracks. 40-gauge clear-plastic protects turn indicators/running lights from rock chips, while providing fully enclosed protection from flapping or debris entrapment. High-flow high-speed mesh covers brake and/or air induction vents, preserving design integrity and grill/vent surfaces without restricting air flow. This also prevents leaves and other road debris from collecting in the vents and restricting airflow. Durable double needle stitching and elegant French seams offer strength and beauty.


Note: This mask is designed with a removable license pocket for displaying your Corvette's front license plate