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09-13 Corsa Touring Exhaust System - Quad 3.5" Tips
Item #: mcc630228

09-13 Corsa Touring Exhaust System - Quad 3.5" Tips

Corsa has completely engineered a Corvette exhaust system specifically for your 6-speed or A6 automatic equipped C6. The difference is Corsa's development staff who painstakingly worked to specifically tune the frequencies so all you hear is the deep, aggressive, and appealing tones when you want to hear them. The net result is the engine makes more horsepower and torque due to straight through design, and produces a great sound with no interior resonance.

Since incorporating the RSC (Reflective Sound Cancellation) technology we have yet to see a manufacturer match Corsa's performance on these four characteristics (+ HP, + Torque, no resonance & great sound). In addition, you will also experience some trailing throttle noise (or burble) on deceleration, so do not be surprised when your audience thinks you are driving a race car.

Corsa Touring Exhaust System Features:

* Designed for 6-speed and A6 equipped Corvettes
* All premium stainless steel construction
* Quad 3.5" Pro Series tips
* H-Pipe assembly
* Hardware & detailed instructions
* Limited lifetime warranty