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09-13 160 Degree Thermostat
Item #: mcc630130

09-13 160 Degree Thermostat

It's a well-known speed "secret" among Corvette performance enthusiasts that a cool running engine builds bigger power and operates more efficiently all-around. Low temperature (160-degree) unit is a direct replacement for the stock thermostat. Replaces factory 192 degree thermostat.

Donít be fooled into thinking that all thermostats from 2004-2013 are the same. Starting in 2009 GM changed the size of the thermostat on all Corvettes. It is only by a minimal size, but using the older style thermostat will not seal in the water pump and will cause a leak creating a mess and the need for potential costly repairs later.

Modified Corvettes, LLC has available an OEM manufactured thermostat in 160 degrees for the 2009-2013 Corvette. This is a drop-in replacement 160 degree thermostat that is the correct size.