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06-13 ZR1 Front Splitter (Fiberglass)
Item #: mcc6bd1379

06-13 ZR1 Front Splitter (Fiberglass)

Modified Corvette now has the ZR1 Corvette Front Splitter available for C6 Z06 & ZR1 Corvettes. The front splitter, which comes stock in carbon fiber on the new ZR1 Corvette is an identical fiberglass reproduction of GM's original design.

The ZR1 front splitter comes ready to paint, includes all hardware for installation, and can be installed fairly easy in about one hour. Be aware that due to the added downforce, a factory ZR1 front bumper reinforcement is recommended when installing. Without this reinforcement the Corvette front splitter may deform at high speeds. These fiberglass front splitters are not meant for competition use but strictly for visual enhancements.

The Corvette ZR1 front splitter is also available as original in carbon fiber. The Carbon Fiber ZR1 Corvette Front Splitter will fit all C6 Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. If your C6 Corvette has our Z06 Body Update Kit the new carbon fiber front splitter will fit your Corvette as well. Buy our carbon fiber front splitter here!

Modified does not recommend pre-painted exterior components such as front spoilers, rear spoilers or hoods. Assembly line "ink" based paints are different than traditional paint shop paints making it difficult to match your Corvette's paint without scanning your Corvette in advance.