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05-13 Travel Buddy Drink Holder
Item #: mcc630539

05-13 Travel Buddy Drink Holder

Finally Chevrolet thought about the passenger in your C6 Corvette and added a second drink holder for their comfort. Have you tried to use it? Not only is the drink holder too small, its too shallow and your favorite beverage will eventually find it's way all over your Corvette's interior. There is a solution - the travel buddy drink holder. No Corvette drink holder looks as nice, installs as easy or works as well. Check out these features:

* Installs in two seconds
* No messy tape, screws, or tools required
* Can be used by driver or passenger
* Can hold up to 24 oz. drinks
* Nestles in the corner formed by the seat and tunnel to avoid leg
* Looks like an OEM option
* Available in ebony or cashmere