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05 - 13 RTD Shock Absorber MIL Simulators
Item #: mcc630746

05 - 13 RTD Shock Absorber MIL Simulators

Active suspension was a great idea for C6 Corvette owners. But, when replacing original F55 RTD (Real Time Dampening) factory shocks, you will more than likely be "shocked" when you discover the cost that ONE factory shock is more than a full set of the best aftermarket shocks available!

If you replace your factory F55 shocks with aftermarket shocks, the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) light turns on and your C6 Corvette's top speed will be limited to 80 MPH! With F55 shock simulators, you can now choose any shock absorber that suits your Corvette's handling style (coil-overs included) and turn the MIL codes off.

F55 shock simulator kit consists of eight modules, two for each wheel location. Simple "Plug-And-Play" installation.