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05-07 LS2 Magnuson Magna Charger Supercharger - Polished
Item #: mcc630177

05-07 LS2 Magnuson Magna Charger Supercharger - Polished

Magnuson/Eaton 112 model Supercharger is a top mounted, roots type supercharger. The system features an intercooler mounted under the supercharger and heat exchanger mounted in front of the radiator. The cooler helps provide a cooler charge which in turn provides a substantial increase in rear wheel horsepower over a non-intercooled version. The Magnuson system offered by Modified Corevettes is modified by Lingenfelter. Exclusive features include: modified Lingenfelter programming, boost by-pass, Lingenfelter heat exchanger, Mass air meter, 160 thermostat, and a Lingenfelter air intake box. Expect a minimum RWHP increase of approximately 130hp over stock. No Discount.