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05-07 AFEPerformance Air Filter
Item #: mcc6bd1125

05-07 AFEPerformance Air Filter

The simplest way to add 3-5 horsepower is to swap your stock air filter for a high-flow unit. AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering) replacement filters increase air flow plus they last virtually forever! Washable and reusable (up to 50,000 miles between cleanings under normal use). aFe uses an oiled cotton material to trap dirt on the filter's outer surface to allow virtually unrestricted power-producing airflow into the engine. aFe filters are also known for their urethane outer seal which outlasts conventional materials while forcing all air to flow through the filter. So what's the difference between aFe filters and the "other" performance filters - it's in the details, this is the finest filter you can buy for your Corvette.

Modified Corvettes has worked with aFe to custom build a special "Blue" material filter for your C6 Corvette. Requires 2 per car.