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97-11 XR2 Cobalt Friction Rear Brake Pads
Item #: mcc631034

97-11 XR2 Cobalt Friction Rear Brake Pads

Currently out of stock or discontinued: please contact a Modified Corvettes, LLC sales representative for inquiries.
1997-2013 Corvette XR2 Cobalt Friction Rear Brake Pads Cobalt Friction Technologies Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance brake friction compounds for professional motorsports and club racing applications like the C5 & C6 Corvette. The uncompromising performance and quality of Cobalt products, along with their industry-leading support and product knowledge, is the reason for their broad and continually expanding customer base in professional motorsports, club racing, and high-performance driver education programs. From street and autocross to the highest levels of motorsport competition, Cobalt has a solution to meet your exact performance requirements.

The Cobalt XR2 C5 & C6 Corvette rear brake pads feature a strong initial bite with a controlled transition to a medium-high rising torque profile. Particularly well-suited to chassis/tire combinations or surface conditions which do not respond well to high initial brake energy (or where the XR1 material is too aggressive), but still require high average torque levels. By allowing the tire contact patch to extend and the chassis geometry to stabilize before imparting maximum braking torque, the driver remains in full control throughout the brake zone, from initial pedal application to the final release. This performance brake pad fits all C5 & C6 Corvette except Z06, ZR1 & GrandSport models.

Cobalt XR2 C5 & C6 Corvette Rear Brake Pad Characteristics:

* Temperature Range: 100-1600F (38-871C)
* Initial Bite/Attack: Aggressive
* Torque Level & Profile: High + Medium-Fast Ramp
* Modulation: Excellent
* Release: Excellent
* Consistency (across temp. range): Very Good
* Consistency (throughout pad depth): Excellent
* Pad Wear & Finish: Very Good (no edge crumbling or chipping)
* Pad Wear Rate-of-Change: < 10.0%-ROC from New-to-End of Life
* Disc Wear & Finish: Excellent (no grooving or cupping)