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97-13 Carbotech Bobcat Street Front Brake Pads
Item #: mcc631021

97-13 Carbotech Bobcat Street Front Brake Pads

Currently out of stock or discontinued: please contact a Modified Corvettes, LLC sales representative for inquiries.
Carbotech Engineering C5 & C6 Corvette high-performance brake pads are built using a proprietary 3-stage chemical bonding and riveting process. All of the company’s track –proven friction compounds work in a wide range of temperatures, offer low wear, and are rotor friendly.

Carbotech Bobcat is a ceramic based friction material offering minimal rotor damage and non reactive dust. Bobcat offers outstanding performance when cold, low dusting, and low noise with an excellent initial bite. This compound's virtually perfect linear torque production provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention. Friction coefficient is ~.45 over its operating range of ambient temp to 900F. Bobcat is suitable for all street driven Corvettes, and has won multiple SCCA Solo 2 and Prosolo national championships. Ideal pad for all SCCA Street Touring classes using street tires. Bobcat is not recommended for on-track driving schools or club racing. Fits all C5 & C6 Corvettes except C6 Z06, ZR1 and GrandSport models.