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97-13 Katech Billet Belt Tensioner
97-13 Katech Billet Belt Tensioner97-13 Katech Billet Belt Tensioner
Item #: mcc631204

97-13 Katech Billet Belt Tensioner

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1997-2013 Corvettes have a common issue with serpentine belts that will jump-off the factory pulley at specific RPM ranges. The issue becomes more common when upgrading your Corvette with a supercharger or pulling quick rpm's at the hands off a performance camshaft/head packages.

The fix can be as simple as replacing your factory belt tensioner with an upgraded solid adjustable belt tensioner. The anodized billet tensioners allow you to increase tension and eliminate the possibility of a thrown serpentine belt. Definitely not something you want sidelining you while at the drag strip or racing around the road course. Fits all 1997-2013 Corvettes.