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97-07 Deka 60lb Fuel Injector (Tall Style)
97-07 Deka 60lb Fuel Injector (Tall Style)
Item #: mcc631240

97-07 Deka 60lb Fuel Injector (Tall Style)

Need more fuel flow to support a supercharger or turbocharger on your C5 or C6 Corvette? The Siemens Deka 60lb injectors are a direct fit replacement for the C5 or C6 LS2 Corvette fuel system - yet will provide the additional fuel your performance modified Corvette will require. These injectors are the tall style.

The standard for fuel injector flow is measurement at 3 bar. However the Corvette fuel system flows at 4 bar which changes the amount of fuel dispersed by the fuel injector. The Deka 60lb injector will provide 9.24 g/s (grams per second) or 72.9 lb/hr at 4 bar This must be kept in mind when determining the correct injector for your Corvette's application.

Note: 2005-2007 LS2 equipped Corvettes will require harness adapters.