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97-04 B&B Fusion Exhaust System - Quad Oval Tips
Item #: mcc631293

97-04 B&B Fusion Exhaust System - Quad Oval Tips

The C5 Corvette Fusion exhaust system is a bi-modal exhaust system, meaning it has two passages, or modes, that the exhaust can travel through the muffler. Each of the mufflers has two outlets, with one side having a butterfly type valve which allows the exhaust flow to be shut off, regulating which side of the muffler the flows exhaust. One side of the muffler is the “quiet” side, and one side is the “loud” side. The “quiet” side is a smaller, muffled and chambered tube, while the “loud” side is 3” straight through tube.

This system uses the basic design of the B&B "Bullet" system with a bi-modal muffler, butterfly, and vacuum valve, which provides the driver a choice in the overall sound level. The “loud” side of the muffler has an aggressive tone similar to the famous B&B Bullet system. While in the closed position the tone would be slightly louder than the standard B&B Route 66 system.

The butterfly is controlled by a vacuum valve. Since the C5 Corvette has no factory option for the valve, B&B engineered a vacuum kit with a manual control. The kit comes complete with all the wiring, control switch, vacuum line, vacuum accumulators, and vacuum switch needed for installation. We have used the engine as the vacuum source and the installation is simple and straight forward.

Each part of the system will fit to a stock H-pipe. Billy Boat has combined the best of the Bullet exhaust with the best new technology to give you the Fusion System for your C5 Corvette. The muffler tips are double walled, 4" round or 4.5" oval. The mufflers and tips come completely polished and the result is a truly spectacular look combined with an aggressive sound will have heads turning everywhere you go.

All B&B products are precision built in rugged fixtures; completely TIG welded, and is a direct replacement for stock exhaust components and includes all hardware and gaskets. No machining, no cutting and no welding means easy installation. We provide the perfect mix of performance, sound and style your Corvette. Each Billy Boat Performance Exhaust system is backed by a lifetime warranty against rust, corrosion or burn through and 2 full years against defects in materials or workmanship.