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94-96 LT1/LT4 All & 97-03 Front Oxygen Sensor
Item #: mcc631327

94-96 LT1/LT4 All & 97-03 Front Oxygen Sensor

A poorly running engine could be the result of a bad oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensors measure the air to fuel ratio in your Corvette's exhaust system - which aids your Corvette's ECM in determining whether your engine is running a lean or rich fuel mixture. A bad sensor will report an incorrect voltage to the ECM and cause the computer to adjust the amount of fuel incorrectly. There are many things that can affect the amount of oxygen your Corvette is getting (altitude, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, etc.), therefore an accurate oxygen sensor is an essential for a healthy running Corvette. Sold individually.

New Delphi oxygen sensor - This sensor fits

1994-1996 Corvette w/ (P) LT1 motor = (2) front & (1) rear 1996 Corvette w/ (5) LT4 motor = (2) front & (2) rear 1997-2003 (2) front oxygen sensor