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2010-2011 Camaro Side Marker Blackout 4 Pc. Kit
Item #: mcc631798

2010-2011 Camaro Side Marker Blackout 4 Pc. Kit

Our 2010 Camaro Side Marker Black-out Kit is made from the highest quality acrylic available. Each piece is pre-molded to fit the side marker lights. The kit installs with provided 3M clear VHB tape. This tape cannot be seen when installed.

Why these ABS covers are better than vinyl:

* Made from hard plastic, the DOT warning/lettering on the lense doesn't bubble up the cover like it will with vinyl.
* High gloss shine just like the painted surface on your Camaro.
* These will never fade, tear, rip, scuff or peel away.
* Car wash safe - these are on like glue! Only to be removed if/when you decide to remove them.
* Very easy to install, takes less than 5 minutes for the entire side marker blackout kit.
* Matches our Tail Light and Reverse Light blackout kits, made from the same material.
* Lifetime warranty. Should you lose one or break one, we replace no charge for the life of your car!