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2010 - 2015 Camaro MTI Racing Short Throw 6 Speed Shifter
2010 - 2015 Camaro MTI Racing Short Throw 6 Speed Shifter
Item #: mcc631747

2010 - 2015 Camaro MTI Racing Short Throw 6 Speed Shifter

MTI Racing’s new 2010 Camaro Six Shooter Shifter is here. The stock Camaro shifter has many rubber components that numb the performance feel. MTI Racing has engineered the MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter with better materials, shorter throw, and a better overall feel. Now you can confidently go through the gears with confidence and precision.

By using in-house professional engineering staff and outside materials and manufacturing experts, our MTI Racing Six Shooter shifter addresses each and every "compromise" of the shifter system. The enhanced precision, direct feel, and super-smooth action cannot be duplicated by any means other than our precision shifter components. How is this accomplished?

• 100% stainless steel construction, machined to exacting tolerances for a flex-free lever.

• Lower pivot point enhanced with stainless steel roller bearings.

• Delrin carrier bushings that eliminate carrier movement.

• Precise calculations of linkage geometry and ergonomic placement (correct shifter position)

• Will accept stock shift knob The throw is reduced by approximately 25% and a HUGE improvement in feel. It feels like 1000% improvement.The stock OEM shifter is made using a 4-pc shaft that is bushed with rubber, a pressed-on ball joint, and a cheap welded-on pivot that holds a shaft bearing attached to more rubber linkage bushings. The new MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter is made of high quality stainless steel with a 1-pc ball machined directly into the lower stick, and a roller bearing at the base shift rod link.

The MTI Racing Six Shooter kit replaces the stock rubber bushings with durable delrin composite bushings, increasing the overall strength and life of the shifter assembly. The MTI Racing Six Shooter shifter kit is not an entire shifter housing replacement. The kit includes the hardware to convert the shifter and its internal hardware with the highest quality components, while retaining the factory housing. The MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter requires little to no extra effort when shifting, and instills confidence with its solid structural feel. Mission accomplished.