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2010-2011 Camaro Control Arm Bushing Kit Pfadt Racing
Item #: mcc631918

2010-2011 Camaro Control Arm Bushing Kit Pfadt Racing

The Pfadt Control Arm bushings for the 2010 Camaro are designed to limit bushing deflection to maximize steering response while maintaining drivability and comfort. Utilizing lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum sleeves that are hard anodized to create incredible surface hardness and microscopic pores to hold our special grease. These sleeves are then Teflon coated to further reduce friction. This is then coupled with our graphite impregnated polyurethane bushing which uses deep grooves to hold grease and continuously re-lubricate the surfaces for long and quiet operation.

The Pfadt FTA Street Spherical is designed to allow articulation in all of the required directions for ease of steering and suspension articulation while achieving maximum stiffness during braking. To maintain good ride quality a new extra-large plastic race bearing is utilized which is capable of absorbing vibration. This creates phenomenal stability under braking and hard cornering.

The result is an ultra lightweight, ultra-low friction system that is a full 3.75 lbs lighter than the OE bushings and more durable then ever before.