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2010-2014 Camaro Camber Kit for OEM Springs Pfadt Racing
Item #: mcc631890

2010-2014 Camaro Camber Kit for OEM Springs Pfadt Racing

Currently out of stock or discontinued: please contact a Modified Corvettes, LLC sales representative for inquiries.
The factory strut in the Camaro mounts through a rubber bushing to allow articulation during suspension movement. Due to the complacence in this rubber bushing the effectiveness of the shock is reduced and ultimately traction is compromised. While the shock is free to articulate in the rubber bushing the spring is mounted to the chassis. Because the shock and spring do not articulate together there is a considerable side load produced from the spring. This side load increases friction in the shock and reduces shock life. There is also very limited camber adjustment in the front.

The Pfadt Camber Kit is your complete solution for mounting the front strut and providing additional camber adjustment. With the Pfadt Camber kit the spring and shock move as one complete unit keeping side loading and friction to a minimum. By allowing for the strut to be mounted off center in the strut tower it is capable of allowing 1 full degree of additional camber, critical for competition cars.

To allow smooth articulation the Pfadt Camber Kit uses a stainless steel, Teflon lined spherical bearing. This provides a low friction, solid mount for the shock for increased shock function and life. To keep the natural rotation of the spring during compression from affecting steering we have integrated a sealed roller thrust bearing. The Pfadt Camber Kit mounts in the factory location with no modification necessary to the strut tower. The completed package is the best strut mounting solution for the Camaro available.

This version of the Camber Kit is designed for use with OEM style springs. We also offer a version designed for use with 2.5" race springs.