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2010-2011 Camaro Air Aid Cold Air Intake System
Item #: mcc631709

2010-2011 Camaro Air Aid Cold Air Intake System

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Higher air flow means greater efficiency and horsepower. Improve your new Chevy Camaro's performance by improving its air flow with an AirAid Air Intake System.

AirAid Intake Systems are specifically designed to take full advantage of today's vehicle technology. They use the latest dyno-proven techniques and innovative designs to improve on intake system efficiency. Therefore, the greater the efficiency level, the greater the horsepower output! AirAid uses a unique inlet track and filter combination that is substantially less restrictive when compared to production-type OEM air-boxes. In fact, air flow/cubic feet per minute is dramatically improved with these intake systems. The higher your engine's air flow, the greater its efficiency and horsepower output will be.

AirAid uses nothing but the finest materials and production methods, such as mandrel-formed, larger diameter tubing. Powdercoating inside and out provides greater flow, protection against any harsh elements, and improved eye appeal. Plus, these superior filters are washable, reusable, and last the life of the vehicle. This system produces up to 11 hp over the stock air box unit” and “produces up to 14 ft/lbs of torque.

Also features a cool air dam, which helps to isolate hot air away from the filter and provides a more dense airflow charge.

* Less restrictive than production-type OEM air-boxes
* Produces up to 11 hp over the stock air-box unit
* Produces up to 14 ft/lb of torque
* Improves airflow directly into intake system
* Cool air dam to isolate hot air away from the filter
* Washable, reusable, and lasts the life of the vehicle

Note: Not for legal highway use in California.